We can now ship Burmese across state lines once again!

Burmese pythons are one of the most popular pet pythons, and have been domesticated for decades to produce animals of good dispositions, excellent variety in color and pattern, and has even been bred for a variety of sizes, ranging from 5-15' long.  They make excellent pets for intermediate or advanced reptile keepers, are easy to care for, and a joy to work with.  The introduction of the first Albino Burmese radically shifted the reptile market, and were the beginning of the color and pattern craze now dominating the reptile trade, which has increased the demand for captive bred animals, and decreased the need to import animals from often fragile environments.  Statistically, they are at least 100's of times safer to keep as pets than domesticated dogs, and at least 1000's of times safer for any environment they could be introduced to than domesticated cats- a fact worth noting for those safety and eco-friendly conscious animal keepers. 

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